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Brave Guardians
Brave Guardians
Brave Guardians
Brave Guardians
Brave Guardians
Brave Guardians

Review Brave Guardians

Sergei Petrov
Brave Guardians - is a free game in the genre of Tower Defense for Android, which we will defend the kingdom against the invasion of enemy monsters, along with four unique characters.
Development of the game has been Chundos Studio, which we already know from games such as


Playing in the Brave Guardians does not differ from other representatives of the genre, except that in addition to the towers themselves, we can also call on the battlefield of special characters that can delay the wave of monsters and help in the fight.
Towers in the game quite a bit, only 4 species, but each can be improved up to several times during the game, as well as to increase the performance of towers with special crystals that are given as a reward for completing the level. You can only build towers at certain points, which are marked on the map.
Game company consists of 22 levels that take place in four unique worlds. Also, at the end of each world is waiting for us an exciting fight with the boss.
Calling heroes on the battlefield can be at varying intervals. Each warrior has unique abilities and the type of attack, for example, the red warrior good melee attacks, but has a low supply of health. Yellow warrior knows how to shoot a gun from a distance, and very effective. The game balance is constructed in such a way that, without calling the soldiers go through levels is impossible. The heroes can manage and move them around the map.

Features Brave Guardians for Android:

  • Colorful 3D-graphics;
  • Addictive gameplay;
  • 22 unique levels;
  • The opportunity to call on the heroes of the battlefield;
  • Several battles with the bosses;
  • A variety of improvements to the heroes and towers.
The disadvantages include the game is not the most user-friendly interface and management. It is quite unresponsive, for example, to call on the battlefield hero has to do 3-4 times the same effect.
Summary. Brave Guardians - it's a good free Tower Defense Game for Android, which will gladly spend a couple of hours of your free time. Prepare to be that the levels of the game is very difficult and often traversed only the second time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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