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Mini Dash
Mini Dash
Mini Dash
Mini Dash
Mini Dash
Mini Dash

Review Mini Dash

Sergei Petrov
Mini Dash - SuperDynamic and super informative platform game development studio from PlayCreek LLC, in which the protagonist well, just strikingly similar to the minions of many beloved cartoon "Despicable Me." The creature turned out very cute and funny, and the animation is also at altitude.
This terribly complicated and extremely addictive gameplay will make you violently pass level after level, so how to prepare in advance and make sure that the time you are not ready to spend it. And this time, eat a lot of action, because it is filled with unexpected twists and wild adventures. It is very difficult to guess what will happen next.


Management in this unique game well, is very simple and adequate. All Intuit, but anyone can try to go back to prompts and with different types of management: an accelerometer, a virtual joystick and standard taps on the screen. Push the right - man running right, respectively, and so on. The gun and the monster kill us instantly, just as the flight of the playing field. A fly is a breeze, so always hold on to the walls and all sorts of flying platforms. The obstacles will have to jump and fly. Just click to jump to the screen, for the long jump - Hold your finger for a while. To stay on the wall or ceiling, jump up and hold your finger until you find a new support for the movement. Cling have for all the objects around, including a variety of boxes and racks.
You can play in hard mode, and in the mode easier. At every level of our goal - it is the door through which we enter the next stage. To get to each door, as it should have to work hard, sometimes they are positioned well in the most unexpected places and corners. Note the mushrooms on each level. Using these magic toadstools gathered at the levels, you can even skip one of them, the most difficult passable. Also, they can apply for the purchase of bonuses, such as slowing time, the shield of the monsters and guns and so on.

Features Mini Dash for Android:

  • Fresh, fun and hardcore gameplay;
  • More than 150 fun levels;
  • Beautiful graphics and bright, original design;
  • Two super bonus world - clay and retro;
  • A set of simple and complex levels in each world;
  • 7 different characters that are unlocked during gameplay;
  • A huge number of enemies, obstacles, traps and super bonuses.
The gameplay in this game can easily be called hardcore. Indeed, pass the levels in this game is to level 5-6 will not be easy. In some places, have all repeat several times, because you never know what awaits you on, and sometimes just do not have time to react. In this case, you have to start all over again. To be honest, we even encountered an aggressive mood in certain parts of the passage, so be ready for a surge of emotions, both positive and negative. In this regard, would be well advised developers to make some super easy level for the passage of the nerve.


Mini Dash - funny and original arcade action game for Android, in which you well, just do not be bored. Under certain conditions, this could easily become a platformer game you love and your jewel collection. The game only costs a dollar, and the fun of it well, just a huge amount. It is strongly recommended!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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