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Perfect Hit!
Perfect Hit!
Perfect Hit!
Perfect Hit!
Perfect Hit!
Perfect Hit!
Perfect Hit!
Perfect Hit!
Perfect Hit!
Perfect Hit!

Review Perfect Hit!

Sergei Petrov
Perfect Hit - fun arcade game for Android, which will be our main enemies of various shapes on the table of the boxes and balls of different shapes. Splitting, face, clearing the accuracy and demonstrate using different kinds and types of shells.
It is very simple, as simple as that. This kind of gameplay is often zips in tops and in general updates, so there's nothing ordinary you will not find here. One example - the game Can Knockdown 3 , which we have already surveyed for you. But here everything is done at a high level, the picture is pleasing to the eye and management, and the levels you want to pass over and over again, one after another.


So, just press your finger on the ball and make a smooth ride in the side of the table. The physical effect in this case is rather difficult to describe, but the understanding of what is happening will have a 3-4 punch. The sharper and higher traffic - the more and more punch. At each level of supply of balls to clear the table will be limited, so try to reconcile how to blows, using as little as possible goals for a better result. In the course of the game you are waiting for the development of different balls with a variety of properties - tennis, bowling balls, and so on. Also, you will use balls, flying on impact on two or even three at a time, allowing you to shoot down just a lot of pieces from the table.
Bonuses and achievements earned by the most apt and precise strokes, which resulted in the table disappear by 6 or more units at a time. For completing earn no stars, and pineapples, educates and helps to master gameplay funny character in the form of a cute panda. By the way, the next level and you can not buy, and earn with the same pineapples, but work hard and you have to play is not enough. Besides pineapples level should also look for so-called "mysterious objects" that appear on the screen during shooting. These items also need to knock down balls at each level will fall the most different and the most unexpected things.

Features Perfect Hit for Android:

  • 5 different worlds to pass;
  • About 200 fun levels;
  • Very realistic physics;
  • Beautiful 3D graphics with fun animations;
  • Various shells - balls of different materials and for different purposes;
  • Integration with service Google;
  • A huge number of bonuses, chips and achievements;
  • Collection of mysterious objects collected by the moves of each level.
Once again faced with the same problem in this kind of games, with a good performance and a generally high level of supply. Reason unknown to us, developers are often too lazy to do a press release, in connection with which a particular user has to simply turn off the game, and then remove it from the control panel. It would seem that such a small thing, but very, very frustrating and spoils the game experience.


Perfect Hit - entertaining arcade game for Android by throwing accuracy with high resolution, clear pictures, fun animations and addictive gameplay. The game perfectly optimized, flexible and everything is working smoothly. A great example of quality time killer.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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