Twisted Lands: Origin
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Twisted Lands: Origin
Twisted Lands: Origin
Twisted Lands: Origin
Twisted Lands: Origin
Twisted Lands: Origin
Twisted Lands: Origin

Review Twisted Lands: Origin

Sergei Petrov
Twisted Lands: Origin - a mysterious quest for android with a twisted plot. Here you meet with the ghosts, the ministers of the cult of the unknown, dangerous animals, and visit the many deserted locations. The ending is quite expected, but no less interesting.
Background to all that is happening is that we are sailing on a completely empty boat on the waters of the unknown at the time when the ship starts a fire. Of course, the fire started under the influence of some unknown forces, and, as always, everywhere skips frightening images of ghosts and ghosts


After the rescue of a sinking ship, we find ourselves on a misty island, such as uninhabited and dangerous. In the pen, living souls and clues for the investigation, we will wander the many deserted locations: bunkers, park, malls and private residences. In the process of wandering, it is important to gather all the evidence found, tips and tools for future use. You also have to solve a lot of interesting tasks and take a variety of mini-games, for example, to repair the furniture, arrange gears, pick up codes to the locks and open the doors of the ancient gate. But be careful - for you obviously watch and try to prevent it, so just one wrong step can lead to deadly consequences.
The interface is nothing new, it has not showed: first, choose the level of difficulty of the two possible, with backlit interactive zones or not, and with a fast or slow recharging hints. Also, at the beginning of the story you can enable or disable the associated clues. All event and clues will be logged, but here you will find all current jobs in order to better navigate the course. In addition, there is a tab with the map of the area. In the scenes with the search for all objects are also looking for and click on the items from the list. In the settings you can enable or disable the function for fines for excessive clicking on the screen and change the aspect ratio.

Features Twisted Lands Origin for Android:

  • Interesting, intricate plot;
  • More than 50 locations with interactive zones;
  • Detailed step by step instruction;
  • More than 40 exciting hidden object scenes;
  • Interactive video and animated inserts;
  • Bright and beautiful location with lush images.
As with all games of this developer, the game is no different quality video and animation, and graphics can also be estimated at the level of not higher than the average. But the most depressing that in an interesting and really addictive plot, puzzles and puzzles do not make the brain to strain hard, there is a feeling that the next mini game you can not get through, clicking on the "skip." In this regard, I would like to wish a higher level of at least the following quests.
Summary. Twisted Lands Origin - a good quest for Android with an interesting plot, which is the third part in this conceptual series. As always, the game from this developer can only try, so to speak, bite down on one tooth, but further serves to unlock the full version for $ 2. But this is not a problem for fans of quests and even more so in this series, they will love it!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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