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Gold Miner
Gold Miner
Gold Miner
Gold Miner
Gold Miner
Gold Miner
Gold Miner
Gold Miner

Review Gold Miner

Sergei Petrov
Gold Miner - an addictive puzzle game for Android, where you can feel like a miner, mining useful resources straight from the bowels of the earth. And how many resources you can get, Help Gold in the third generation?
The idea of ​​the gameplay and the general idea is not new, fans of this kind of genre has had the pleasure to play like that on home computers, and then, finally, the game reached and mobile devices. Well, we have something to tell you about an underground gold fever!


So, for the extraction of gold in this game you need to exert maximum effort. But here it is possible to produce not only gold, but also iron, stone, ore, coal, rubies, emeralds and other minerals. And here comes a very interesting moment when Fred no longer cope with the extraction of resources due to insufficiently strong technique and the lack of advanced equipment. And in order to get the cherished upgrades, too, will have to work hard: to connect the elements together and extract all of the same resources in the right quantity. For example, to get a more powerful tractor, you need to connect your old tractor and 5 bars of gold, it is the advance received gold from the compound stones and gold rock.
You can improve hand winch, trolley, wire rope, and even curling. All combinations and improvements registered in the detailed instructions, so be sure to look there before you start upgrades. For the connection between the elements of a go in the studio and then hold the appropriate picture by dragging it to a blank cell. Once you have collected the required number of resources, the improvement will come into effect, and you have a new resource. And in order to pull up the resource, we need to click at a certain point on the screen, in any part of it. Themselves tongs go up and down automatically, so no extra action is not necessary to perform.

Features Gold Miner for Android:

  • Good graphics for this kind of puzzles;
  • Pleasant, yet easy on the sound design;
  • Easy and intuitive interface;
  • Each level can be replayed in order to achieve the best results;
  • The original and motivating system of upgrades and achievements;
  • Very detailed instructions for the improvement of equipment and generating new resources.
The disadvantages can easily carry them all the same instructions as set out in some detail, but not quite memorable with either the first or even the third time. In order to connect the elements and improve the equipment and tools, constantly having to climb again and again for the details in the manual. From this we can draw only one conclusion - the game is still overloaded with a large number of elements and details.
Summary. Gold Miner - non-standard puzzle game for Android, which we will actively extract minerals from the depths of the fertile land. The game is really addictive, and only those who have never played like that, so in general will simply not come off. Ideal for a fun time while away from interest in the search for one of the planet's most precious resources - gold.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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