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Pegland Deluxe
Pegland Deluxe
Pegland Deluxe
Pegland Deluxe
Pegland Deluxe

Review Pegland Deluxe

Sergei Petrov
Pegland Deluxe - addictive arcade game for Android in which you potreniruetes accuracy through quality physical gameplay consisting in bringing down the drive, artfully scattered across the field. Aim accurately as possible, shoot as accurately and confidently - and success in this game you just guaranteed!
Along the way the game should earn the most points by knocking out disks in sequence. Also, the game has a system of stars, which is built according to the points and used balls. Management is very simple and takes only one finger, so it should not cause any special difficulties.


The playing field consists of any landscape, and the disks are often arranged in some intricate shape resembling animals or objects. At the top of the screen always displays the number of points, the amount of gold coins and the current level. Around your guns are two buttons with which you can change the type of ball or add more beads. In the snake on the left shows your progress on the level and on the right - the number of remaining balls.
So, in order to win, you have to knock down all the red parts, leaving the field to either one of them, a metal ball, departing from the turbine on top. And it needs to properly aim and try to hit not only in large aggregations of balls / squares, but also automatically moves the bottom of the drum. If you still get into it, then you have saved another ball for a shot.
Each shell can be modified before the round, but it needs to have in-game assets. For coins you can make a certain number of balls of fire, and then the destruction of disks you will accrue more points. All other disc than red, shoot down do not have to, but during gameplay it will turn itself, because in order to get on the coveted discs will certainly need to be hurt or completely destroy the barriers of others, ordinary drives.

Features Pegland Deluxe for Android:

  • Beautiful, bright and high-quality graphics;
  • 50 incredible and varied levels;
  • Amazing shapes, interesting scenery in every level;
  • A limited number of balls to make attempts;
  • Different types of drives on the field: fire, armor, virus and so on;
  • Three types of balls: regular, bursting and increases the number of points;
  • Special, very strong suction all a disk;
  • Possibility to replay any level again.
Immediately upon entering the game is simply amazing incredible amount of advertising. No, what we have already seen a lot, but that is so much - it's pretty rare. Wherever I turn in the level to which we have passed, you will be offered to get acquainted with many more games to evaluate this or other arcade and so on and so forth. Remove this most painfully annoying ads can be just for the money - as much as two dollars.
Summary. Pegland Deluxe - a decent arcade game for Android in which you immerse yourself in the colorful world of beads and discs with nice bonuses and chips to boot. The ball often behaves very unpredictable, so in this case, a lot depends on luck and luck. As for the rest - a nice gameplay, simple and convenient operation, high-quality graphics - everything leaves a good impression.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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