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Review Expander

Sergei Petrov
Expander - the original arcade game for Android in which you how to potreniruetes its ability to monitor multiple parameters simultaneously and rapidly respond to changing circumstances. Are you ready to test themselves on the care and the rate of reaction? Then go ahead to conquer this new wonder of the world!
It should be noted here that the control well is very simple - just three gestures: left up, left down, and the one and only point to the right. But this apparent simplicity is confusing in the end pohlesche very tricky and challenging puzzle, because the developers have tried to be like, that we had to cancel a sweat in this game. Do not believe me? Check it out!


If you click on the right side of the screen, your cube turns blue and rises to a higher level, if they do not press it, then it stays red and flies himself to the desired path that is straight ahead on a single line at the level below. If you click on the left side of the screen up, then your cube expands, becomes longer, and if down, it narrows and becomes narrower, respectively. One of the main objectives of the game - to collect stars, scattered throughout the path, often at the edges of the track. Blue stars can be collected only blue cube, and red - red only, respectively. And do not crash into the edge of the corridor, after another accident you will have to begin the journey anew.
The rub is that the obstacles are arranged very tricky and can be very difficult to keep track of those on which level is the next figure. Furthermore, when either red red cube approaching an obstacle, most logical and even action will leave a reflex color such as red, whereas here it has to be replaced by silver, clicking on the left side of the screen. After all, as a rule, the color and the levels are not the same, which means you will bump his red cube in the same red figure. So if you approach a blue cube to the blue barrier, then click on the color change, color you need in this game - not an assistant, but rather the contrary, unnecessary complication.

Features Expander for Android:

  • Simple, but very cunning gameplay;
  • The minimalistic design and a modest sound design;
  • Simple and high quality graphics;
  • Infinite gameplay;
  • Star rating system and Ballou;
  • Development of the reaction rate and multitasking.
Immediately confusing strange in many ways uncomfortable, the screen orientation. And then view the screen is replaced, resulting in even more perplexing, because it happens more often than it is at the moment, as soon as you start getting into the taste and understand what's going on here at all. In general, waiting for the ease of passage, you will not find it as a result, opening this arcade. In this regard, it makes even more to the puzzle that develops multi-tasking.
Summary. Expander - an unusual arcade game for Android, simple only in appearance, in which you have to manage by a single cube, flying through the endless corridor with obstacles and bonuses. Doing this is not easy, but very interesting. The game can develop attention, reaction speed, multitasking and thinking to help pass the time not only interesting, but also very useful.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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