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Dino Jump
Dino Jump
Dino Jump
Dino Jump
Dino Jump
Dino Jump
Dino Jump
Dino Jump

Review Dino Jump

Sergei Petrov
Dino Jump - fun arcade shooter more than prolific development studio PlayScape, in which the important thing to ever do - is to jump as high as possible, without stopping and with maximum precision. If you're not careful and fast, the lava will destroy everything in its path, including you.
Devouring everything in its path lava, super power in the form of eggs, booster jet in the form of pepper, mobile platforms and obstacles in the form of pterodactyls - if all this does not scare you, and does not lead to confusion, then you should definitely at least try!


All elementary to the disgrace, the gameplay is more than a simple, accurate and will not cause any complaints from even the youngest users. Need help prehistoric animals saved from imminent danger - revived volcano in the bowels of the earth. And now the m to quickly get outside to survive, and to do this they will be using the jumps.
In the course of each level you can earn not only experience, but also a coin. And, both displayed at the bottom of the screen, the left and right respectively. Bonuses are very diverse, ranging from 5% to all earned coin and ending bonuses for speed. In addition to fixed platforms on which you can jump, will fall further and mobile, that need more time to get there.
Do not forget to collect bonuses, super speed and strength, as well as DNA circles. Each type and size of the different DNA and the cost, it is advisable to focus more on the largest circles, they will bring more benefits. If you do not have time to go through the entire level and fly away from danger in the form of lava, it will simply gobble up your character, turning into ashes.

Features Dino Jump for Android:

  • 50 exciting levels;
  • The game using the accelerometer;
  • Collect coins and prizes for the transmission rate;
  • Five different worlds to explore and adventure;
  • Three amusing character of your choice;
  • A variety of power-ups: meat, eggs, pepper and magnets;
  • The enemies in the form of a pterodactyl and harmful fungi.
Most depressing that in this overall very good arcade game, so this is a huge amount of advertising, which is very easy to push, quite unwillingly. It always pops up unexpectedly and from different corners of the screen, and there is even a background pattern that is very easy to take for pictures of the game. Fortunately, you can remove it for just one dollar.
In addition, there can not surprise Donato, who is simply amazing and the value of their avarice proposed amounts for the various bonuses and rapid progress on the DNA. At the same time, the coins are earned with great difficulty, slowly and completely disproportionate price in the store. In general, is the goal of the developer - to earn as much as possible, at any cost.


Dino Jump - interesting and exciting arcade game for Android, which the characters can not umilyat. The game is suitable for all ages and types of people, and draws on the long hours of gameplay. Despite the greed Donat, we must admit that its use here is not necessarily to pass, so we advise everyone to try the tooth this hilarious shooter.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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