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Run Cow Run
Run Cow Run
Run Cow Run
Run Cow Run
Run Cow Run

Review Run Cow Run

Sergei Petrov
Run Cow Run - funny and sad at the same time 2D Runner for Android, which is the best motivation to play this game over and over again in an attempt to save all the innocent animals from the clutches of an evil and bloodthirsty farmer, and if not to become a vegan, or at least reduce consumption of meat in their diets. Become a vegan, save a cow!
We are particularly pleased with the story and the moral of the runner. Perhaps such a non-intrusive way possible to reduce the consumption of meat and if you do not bring up vegan, or at least increase the charity for pets. In the process of saving you will also be able to save and to so many other equally cute and miserable inhabitants of the farm - chickens, ducks, sheep, pigs, and even protein.


Like most of today's runners, our ladybug also runs automatically, and the farmer starts to catch up with it against our will, and regardless of the skill and ingenuity. Sooner or later there comes a time when only the timely jump can save you from violence. While there, not only, there is more power-ups and super-strength. For example, using the acceleration can be not only time to escape from persecution, but also to break all the barriers in his way, not caring about the deaths. The main thing - time to understand that the effect of the force is over, not missing the next obstacle.
So, when Automatic running of our main character, we still partially responsible for the management of: jump, double jump, slide under obstacles, collecting coins, collection of animals in cages for recovery. Also happens to be our cow and take off into the sky. At that point, the number of coins is significantly increased, and among the obstacles and dangers is just all the same farmer, we are no longer pursuing the tractor and the helicopter. Just be careful at these times and do not go down too low - the cows still dependent on the law of gravity, so you're bound to go down to the ground.
Tireless farmer constantly and tries to catch up with our cow and matched closer, and sharpening his pitchfork is becoming more acute. So be sure to use the purchase bonuses that will allow you to not only accelerate, but also pour milk farmer directly to the person with a bomb to destroy all opposing barriers to protect themselves from the farm to the fork using a special antibiotic, and so on. Despite the relatively high cost of the chips and bonuses, purchase them in active play is not difficult, the main thing - do not get carried away, because you will definitely be offered to update your account with real money.

Features Run Cow Run for Android:

  • A lively and instructive story, calling for mercy;
  • Simple and intuitive geypley;
  • A spectacular 2D cartoon graphics and animation;
  • Funny and original bonuses and chips;
  • The possibility of extension of the bonus time by buying their upgrade;
  • Many other endearing characters in the form of farm animals, which are also to be saved;
  • The high complexity of the passage without the many hours of practice;
  • Synchronisation via Facebook.
Despite the fact that the plot is quite original and evokes positive emotions, yet you can not call this game something new in the genre of runners. Here you will find all the features characteristic of the majority of runners, which is why all of them share one and the same drawback - the familiarity and permanence of gameplay throughout the game, and as a result, very fast molestation of all games of this kind. Here, oddly enough, this runner makes a fact which is also the disadvantage of a kind - a high complexity of the passage. If we have it and not tired, it's because of all the (distance traveled and earned coin with bonuses) is given here with great difficulty.


Run Cow Run - a beautiful runner for android about runaway cow from a farm in an attempt to save his life and did not go for beef, as well as on the way to save the many other inhabitants. The game will surely enjoy a variety of categories of people and ages, and no doubt will have to appeal to fans of the genre. We recommend at least try to save so cute characters from the slaughterhouse!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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Love this game! Would recommend it to anyone. A really cool game.
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