The Golden Years Way Out West
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The Golden Years Way Out West
The Golden Years Way Out West
The Golden Years Way Out West
The Golden Years Way Out West
The Golden Years Way Out West
The Golden Years Way Out West

Review The Golden Years Way Out West

Sergei Petrov
The Golden Years Way Out West - economic strategy for Android. Rebuild their new village with buildings, improve living conditions, develop townships in terms of convenience, hire new employees, engaged in gold and other resources, expand their capabilities and establish trade relations.
So, our story begins with the fact that the family of honest Americans who are just very unlucky, urgently need to get a lot of money to pay the loan and rescue the head of the family out of jail for debt. And for that you have to become a pioneer who settled in the wild and ugly-looking land, which have the potential to become a very real bonanza. If you are not frightened by the prospect to earn a gold rush, then hit the road, to conquer new lands and extraction of gold!


The main objective of the game - to earn as much money. But initially earn them you will not be in gold mining, but simply erecting buildings and getting the rent for houses, as well as taxes. In addition to making money, you'll also perform a mini tasks and additional tasks in the form of improved housing, violence with a pack of wolves, the suspension of fire and so on. And these minor, but no less important goals will directly affect the success of passing each mission.
At the top of the screen displays all available resources and earnings. Pay special attention to the pits, which will need to dig before you get access to the entire territory, as well as the resources that need to be collected, finding them directly on the map. Do not forget to make time to repair all the buildings and improve residential construction for maximum comfort to its settlers. Grateful settlers will pay you many times more, significantly increasing the treasury.
For all future buildings will have to gather resources and materials by saw mills, quarries, mines, and so on. The number of employees should match the number specified works. So stay tuned for their number, move the cursor over the main building of settlements: the figure on the left shows the number of workers that are currently available, and the figure on the right - the total number of workers. In the lower right panel, you will find a menu with all available office buildings as the nature and construction. And do not forget that for the residents of houses you can build only near the municipal buildings.

Features The Golden Years Way Out West for Android:

  • Measured gameplay with tactics and strategy of business;
  • 48 levels, in order of increasing complexity of missions;
  • Bright and colorful graphics;
  • 5 different cities for the building;
  • Ability to demolish buildings and build new on the site;
  • 11 characters of the Wild West;
  • Periodic appearance of resources on the map in the public domain;
  • 27 types of buildings and structures.
As always, Alawar can play the demo version of the game in the form of half an hour and the first few levels, and then prompted for a key to continue the story. You can not say that it's nice, but we have become accustomed to this kind tactics on the part of the developer when the graph of the cost is "shareware". It remains only to wish to purchase key cost less than $ 3-5, as happens in most cases.
Summary. The Golden Years Way Out West - economic strategy simulator for android on the construction of the Wild West and gold mining. Fans of the genre should be like after the trial level and become familiar with the entire leadership. Free walking the first few levels will have to pay for the rest. If you do not stop the payment of fun, then go ahead, to the conquest of the Wild West!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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