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Review Evertales

Sergei Petrov
Evertales - is a fun adventure game for Android in the platformer genre, where you can switch between three different characters in the game. We expect a great exciting journey into a fantasy world with lots of big monsters, demons and evil bloodthirsty people.
Game development studio is engaged Crescent Moon Games, authors of numerous masterpieces, among which we can mention the latest reviews - Redline Rush and Slingshot Racing . The idea of ​​the new game is not unique, we have reworked version of the very popular game for PC and consoles - Trine.


The essence of the game is to correctly use a feature of each of the three characters. We can instantly switch between them during the game using a special button. For each character through a number of improvements, you can buy new weapons, to turn an ordinary sword into a burning sword or completely change the hero's costume.
First person - Sir Jorgin, a brave knight, well-wielding melee weapons and has more health. He also knows how to pick up and throw big items. The second character, Arwick, elf origin, is able to jump high and attack from a distance with his bow. The third character, an old magician Taragorn, which is able to set fire to the enemy, and float in the air.
All levels in the game are built so that we have to constantly change the characters. For example, in many places, a warrior or mage will not be able to jump over the pit, and the elf to do it easily. At the same time, in the melee elf mage and die very quickly, and the knight feels great. To switch the character you must click on the icon in the upper left corner.

Features Evertales for Android:

  • High-quality HD-graphics;
  • An interesting plot;
  • A variety of levels with unique scenarios;
  • Exciting fights with bosses;
  • Buy weapons and enhancements for each character;
  • Easy and responsive handling.
It is awkward that the characters are switched in series. For example, to switch from a warrior to a mage, you must press the button twice, and during that time we already have time to kill. Also, the game is not felt physics attack, all the strokes as if beating on a wall, but in the original game Trine was a great physicist attack. Unfortunately, the story is very short, and the game can go a little less than two hours, which is very little!
Summary. Evertales - it's enough quality platformer for Android, which is sure to appeal to those who have not played the original game. Compared with the original game felt like a fake low quality. It is unfortunate that such an experienced studio failed to create a better physics and responsive gameplay. At the same time, that does not mean the game is bad, she is very nice and fully justifies its cost at $ 2.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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