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Extreme Forklifting
Extreme Forklifting
Extreme Forklifting
Extreme Forklifting
Extreme Forklifting
Extreme Forklifting
Extreme Forklifting

Review Extreme Forklifting

Sergei Petrov
Extreme Forklifting - is a realistic simulation of the driver's truck for Android, in which we will learn about the complexities of the job. The game is reminiscent of the many parking lots, but different in terms of gameplay, as well as the control itself, because here, in addition to the movement from one point to another, we have to take care of the goods, which at any moment could fall.
The game was created on the engine, Unity, and, therefore, is not only good enough 3D-graphics, but also a terrific study of physics, the truck behaves very realistically and during sudden maneuvers can simply roll with the load, as it would happen in real life.


Control of the game by using the usual steering, as well as several levers. The upper arm is responsible for raising and lowering the load carriers and the lower arm is responsible for the speed of the front and back. The arms can be tilted up and down. Also, there is a separate button for the brake and the top two buttons to change the camera.
In each location we will have to carry a variety of loads from different places, the number of goods will be listed in the top left corner. Locations are large and spacious, so the job will be a lot, and we are simply forced to explore the whole map.
If you ever get tired deliver goods, the Extreme Forklifting sandbox mode is provided in which you can navigate through the huge levels and flip through the lift everything in its path, including cars, pipes and more.

Features Extreme Forklifting for Android:

  • Decent 3D-graphics;
  • Qualitative physics engine;
  • Simple operation;
  • Missions and sandbox mode;
  • The ability to change the camera;
  • The high complexity of the game.
The disadvantages of the game include the complete lack of plot and a small number of interesting details. We can say that in the game there is no development, just give us a map, indicate the amount of cargo to be transported, and that was all over. The game is great, but very quickly get bored.
Summary. Extreme Forklifting - this is an interesting truck simulator for Android, which will appeal to fans of the genre primarily parking lots. Distributed game for free with built-in banner advertising that appears during the game at the top of the screen.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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