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Airport Scanner
Airport Scanner
Airport Scanner
Airport Scanner
Airport Scanner
Airport Scanner
Airport Scanner
Airport Scanner
Airport Scanner

Review Airport Scanner

Sergei Petrov
Airport Scanner - fun and original game for Android by airport security when boarding the flight. Developing a game studio Pocket Gems Publishing, which we already know from the quality and entertaining game with Lamb starring Sheep Up !
Every day at the airport going to a lot of people eager to get on the plane, but the rules are not enforced all the transportation of luggage. And here you have to deal with the really bad guys who are trying in every way possible to carry on the flight a lot of illegal things. And your problem - do not give them to do, to find all the prohibited items and give each flight was on time.


In the beginning you will spend for basic training in the international airport of Honolulu. Here you will pass all of the highlights and details of their work in the status of being a recruit. So when he saw an illegal object in the bag, just click on it with your finger. Immediately afterwards Scroll better picture on the scanner to speed up the process of passing the inspection of each passenger. Once a taboo thing to be detected, the offender caught and publicly punished, and if anything forbidden in the bag was not the passenger just proceed to his seat on the plane.
Among the prohibited for carriage and constantly found in the bags of things you are caught: a hammer, an ax, a gun, a bomb, scrap, canister, onions and so on. You are free to regulate the flow of passengers, changing the direction of entry barriers, as well as not allowing passengers to pass a red card (red card means that its next flight, not this).
At each level there is a bonus game where you get to decide what degree of punishment to choose for each offender. And here you have the following options: Easy Justice for a hundred dollars, the average fine of $ 300, or the highest payment of $ 1000, but with a greater risk of not getting any money at all. Once you have achieved the required grade, you can select and buy new types of airports - in Aspen, London, Vegas and Chicago. It is also possible to replace the scanning machine to another.

Features Airport Scanner for Android:

  • Ability to feel omnipotent police at the airport;
  • 21 missions in the story;
  • Upgrades for scanners, airports and others;
  • Different types of penalties and fines in the form of mini-games;
  • A number of different forbidden items not allowed to bring on a flight;
  • The ability to control the flow of passengers through the barriers, changing their direction;
  • Difference bags for inspection of: blue, yellow (this may be two or more forbidden objects), and so forth;
  • Bonuses for fast landing of the first class passengers, as well as a stop for passengers flying on the next flight;
  • Fast fit for the team flight and removal of asterisks in the case of the admission of illegal items;
  • Different degrees of difficulty depending on your rank: novice operator and so on.
The game will have to memorize a lot of information and detail, it is not quite easy. Many innovations, obstacles and will be waiting for you at each level on the way to becoming an elite and experienced operator. So every day at the airport will become more difficult to work, and violators will be all the greater. But if you do not be afraid to difficulties and the burden of responsibility, that all obstacles can cope with time.
Summary. Airport Scanner - free arcade game for Android with the possibility of in-game purchases and original filling, in which we will operate the flights landing: mark prohibited for carriage in baggage items to accompany the team and first-class passengers for the most rapid landing, as well as to ensure the timeliness of each flight in general. Especially appreciated in this game speed and accuracy of taps on the forbidden things and objects. Addictive game for many hours of gameplay. Who would have thought of such a boring and unloved by all subjects, you can create interesting and original game!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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