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Review Abalone

Sergei Petrov
Abalone - an exciting puzzle game for Android, created based on the board game for two players. The main task - is push the opponent's pieces off the board, while others push the figures can only be in some cases.
Development of the game has been well-known studio AMA LTD, which gave us a game like Hills of Glory and Babel Rising. So here we will have a very high quality 3D-graphics, great sound and great attention to playability.


The playing field is represented in the form of a large hexagon, which is located in the center of the cell to the figures, and near the edges of the empty strips, where we will have to confront our enemy. The game has a single mode with 60 missions, and the possibility of any game, or play with a live person on the same device.
Rules of the Game Abalone is extremely simple: to push an opponent's piece in a certain direction, we need to make a row of columns of figures so that their number was at least one more. It was then that we will be able peretolknut opponent's pieces, but only in one direction.
Among some skill and maneuvers have the opportunity to walk a few pieces at a time, it can be done if push its entire range, or move multiple shapes in the side. All rules will be detailed during training, remember they are very simple.
In a single game, we will come across a variety of interesting situations that are often found in a live game. We should be able to get out of them and defeat the enemy. After the game, we will be able to see all their moves at a fast clip and analyze the errors.

Features Abalone for Android:

  • High-quality 3D-graphics;
  • More than 60 single-player missions;
  • Multiplayer on the same device;
  • Editor own levels;
  • Training Mode - 10 levels with different levels of intelligence of the enemy;
  • Honors and awards.
The most fun to play in Abalone on large plates, together with a live player. That's when the game becomes more interesting as the game was originally designed for the people, not computers.
Summary. Abalone - it's a great performance of the popular board game for Android. The game is distributed in the free and paid versions. In the paid version will be available to us more levels, awards and a full training mode.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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