Helidroid 3D Episode 2
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Helidroid 3D Episode 2
Helidroid 3D Episode 2
Helidroid 3D Episode 2
Helidroid 3D Episode 2
Helidroid 3D Episode 2

Review Helidroid 3D Episode 2

Sergei Petrov
Helidroid 3D Episode 2 - an exciting arcade game for Android, in which we will manage a small toy helicopter. The game has a very high-quality physics of flight control helicopter here there is also a natural and qualitatively, as in adult games like Battlefield 3.
Game development studio is engaged in MH Production, and this is their fourth game about flying in helicopters. The graphics in the game are not the best, one can even say that it is outdated, but this deficiency can be easily closed his eyes, just start the first mission and start the flight itself, the main thing here - game physics!


The game is divided into 18 missions, each of which we are waiting for a unique job, it may be a flight from one point to another, destroying cars, delivery of goods, and many interesting variations of tasks.
The game has several types of control helicopter - with the help of virtual buttons, using the accelerometer and buttons, or by connecting Bluetooth-way controller (if you have one, it is supported).
The helicopter is very realistic maneuvers, accelerates, making the slopes, play very interesting, especially if you have previously played in the helicopter simulator. Moreover, thanks to a simple graph, the game does not slow and gives highest FPS. The game has several models of helicopters, including the legendary Apache.

Features Helidroid 3D Episode 2 for Android:

  • A simple 3D graphics;
  • 18 interesting jobs;
  • Various locations;
  • Several types of controls and their detailed configuration;
  • Management tools helicopter;
  • Optimization of the game for the faint of devices.
The disadvantages of the game include the outdated graphics and a small number of jobs. If desired, the game takes just 1-2 hours, so if you're looking for something more serious, then pay attention to the CHAOS Tournament . There you will find high-quality 3D-graphics and long hours online battles.
Summary. Helidroid 3D Episode 2 - is a simple and enjoyable game for Android with helicopters and high-quality physics of flight. The game supports the budget unit, including arm v6 processors.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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