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Jump and Destroy
Jump and Destroy
Jump and Destroy
Jump and Destroy
Jump and Destroy
Jump and Destroy

Review Jump and Destroy

Brandon Girod
Polished controls, few ads, good progression system
Boring level design, enemies are too static
The description of the Jump and Destroy for Android’s Play Store listing implores you to get ready to jump into mankind’s greatest weapon of mass destruction but let’s be real, it’s just a tank. However, you absolutely will get to jump and destroy everything in your path to global domination, or maybe some takeout place. The game never really says.
Jump and Destroy is an arcade shooter that is actually a lot of fun. It’s a simple game with two controls: tap above the tank to jump and clicking toward enemies to fire at them. Enemies are pretty basic and remain mostly static on the map. The real enemy is the terrain. Since you can’t aim your shot, you need to make sure you’re elevated in a way to hit every shot. Otherwise, you may miss and get caught while your next attack is on cooldown.
While you’re out destroying, you’ll pick up pieces of research that can be used to improve certain aspects of your tank. You’ll need these upgrades as you move further into the level. The game itself is pretty trivial in the beginning, but like every other endless runner, things begin to get tricky as more enemies enter the fray and you discover new enemy types.
Jump and Destroy is a pretty fun game with a lot of polish. The art really fits the tone of the game and I felt like the controls were really polished, too. Progression feels a bit slow, but it’s the only way the game can monetize itself, and it’s not really that bad.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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