Toca Hair Salon 2
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Toca Hair Salon 2
Toca Hair Salon 2
Toca Hair Salon 2
Toca Hair Salon 2
Toca Hair Salon 2
Toca Hair Salon 2
Toca Hair Salon 2
Toca Hair Salon 2
Toca Hair Salon 2
Toca Hair Salon 2

Review Toca Hair Salon 2

Sergei Petrov
Toca Hair Salon 2 - a real opportunity to become a stylist for one of six different characters for Android. Young fashionistas and lovers of creative experimentation with looks definitely worth a try their hand with the virtual simulator.


All the action and transformation you have multiple characters and several rooms with different devices and equipment. To use an object, simply click on it and hold, bring it to the place in which it would like to use. At this point, the fun starts an interactive animation that accurately captures your attention for a certain amount of time.
In each of the rooms you can perform various manipulations with your characters - to cut their hair, or vice versa, to build up, shave, curl, stack, straighten, dye. Once you have worked on hair, you can also add different jewelry, hat, sunglasses and so on. And if you like the new image created by your hands, you can take a picture of the lucky winner on different backgrounds with funny grimaces.

Features Toca Hair Salon 2 for Android:

  • The original idea in a beautiful filing with the expectation of children and adolescents;
  • Intuitive operation;
  • 6 active characters;
  • 7 various rooms and scenes with animation;
  • All kinds of activities with the hairdo of characters: Wash, perms, straightening, styling, coloring and so on;
  • Additional elements in order to complete the style: bows, hair clips, hats, glasses and more;
  • A pleasant voice with a funny character reacts to your actions.
It is noticeable that the game is still buggy. Perfectly embodied the idea needs further development and addition of various parts, additional tools, functions, and social aspects. It would be very nice to add the ability to share your creations and evaluate each other's work.
Also, the six characters - it is not enough for this kind of functionality. The application is clearly aimed at children and teenagers, obviously, is to have more variety and freedom of choice. And while the game very quickly get tired of their monotony.


Toca Hair Salon 2 - funny simulator barber shop with a friendly interface for Android. Clearly not enough and competitive part of the communicative function, the ability to evaluate and comment on each other's creations. In general, the original idea and high-quality execution with pleasant characters worthy lovers of the topic and improvements from developers.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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can toca hair salon be installed in samsung galaxy ace? i really love this game but i can't install it to my phone
Alexander Vorobyev
What exactly the model of your device? Does it display any error message when you try installing it?
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