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Monster Blade
Monster Blade
Monster Blade
Monster Blade
Monster Blade
Monster Blade
Monster Blade

Review Monster Blade

Sergei Petrov
Monster Blade - is a fun action game for Android, in which we have to overcome dozens of fantastic monsters, and to help overcome the trials to their friends and other random players.
Development of the game deals with the Japanese studio NUBEE PTE LTD, which released more than a dozen popular games, but with an emphasis on local audience. This is the first of a game that quickly moved beyond Japan and is rapidly gaining popularity all over the world.


The game consists of a series of small battles monsters and bosses. For every battle we will gain experience, gold, and rare artifacts that will be able to wear and use in combat. In Monster Blade leveling system is provided, as well as the ability to upgrade weapons and endow it with different abilities.
The very process of combat in the game looks very nice, excellent 3D-graphics, colorful animation hits. The controls are very simple, the standard for the genre. Along the edges of the screen are buttons to dodge, in the center of the bottom - a button to block. Strikes are using sliding gestures on the screen. Make a horizontal gesture - a hero to hit exactly in the same direction, there is a combination of punches and super attacks.
Interesting contrast of the game is the social component. Friends in the game is not just there for the competition in the glasses, they can give us some of his skills. And, if we activate them, the character of our friend will appear on the battlefield and cause a super hit. If you have no friends in this game, then do not despair, the game will assign you a random helpers among other individuals.

Features Monster Blade for Android:

  • High-quality 3D-graphics;
  • Interesting integration with social networks;
  • Developed RPG component;
  • Easy operation with buttons and gestures;
  • Colorful animation combat;
  • Huge and ferocious opponents;
  • Exciting boss battles and more.
The disadvantages of the game include a strong influence on luxury items complexity of the game. Without investing real money play is really difficult, and the boss can kill (and probably kill) with a single blow. Fortunately, buy items here are not necessarily, and any level with 2 or 3 times it's possible to pass.
Summary. Monster Blade - a dynamic slashers for Android with high-quality 3D-graphics and a great and exciting fights. If you like this genre, we recommend that you also must-see Dragon Slayer . It offers the dragons again, but with better graphics and a few other gameplay.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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billyrgaylordjr@gmail.com12 Dec 2015, at 20:27Motorola Moto G
Bulls#!@ sorry love the game had it phone got reformatted an lost everything now it's not able to download for me an I don't know y aaaaaaaaa what n hell am I going to do ? But really 7* game #  any one should try it ull never put it down thank you for reading 
Game monster blade
parman_gaul66@YAHOO.CO.ID07 Jul 2013, at 07:25iconBIT NetTAB PARUS
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