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Jimmy Pataya
Jimmy Pataya
Jimmy Pataya
Jimmy Pataya
Jimmy Pataya
Jimmy Pataya

Review Jimmy Pataya

Sergei Petrov
Jimmy Pataya - fun arcade game about jumping without a parachute on the well-liked resort in Thailand called Pattaya for Android. The game is useful at least to check the rate of reaction.
The game is extremely easy to learn and very difficult to pass. The control is very simple and intuitively understandable - only operate the flight using the accelerometer, dodging to the left and to the right, around a wooden pole with turntables. But it is not all that easy - not to die in this fast-paced race you have to work very well.


So unlucky and crazy guy at one point just forgot to put on his parachute. And now, jumping out of a plane, he just flies at full speed down, trying not to break up on obstacles, and even earn bonuses in the form of acceleration or protection in the form of a helmet.
Be sure to turn away from the turntables - they can destroy even the most experienced player. And without a helmet hitting an obstacle, you have to start all over again, losing all points earned. To score the most points, collect when flying sprockets and other bonuses. To get the full enjoyment of the game may take time, practice and skill.

Features Jimmy Pataya for Android:

  • Operation using the accelerometer;
  • Decent 3D graphics;
  • Intense gameplay with the requirement to constantly stay as focused;
  • Test of reaction speed and reflexes by evasion;
  • Bonuses in the form of rockets, helmets and stars;
  • Catchy, corrosive musical theme;
  • A great option as a free taymkiller.
The game is clearly not enough variety and more bonuses, chips, levels, and so on. This kind of gameplay on the one hand is very easy to learn and easy to use, but then completely tighten and prevents the development of a player who, of course, constantly yearns for something new. The plan is superfishki some delayed effect with detailed portrayal and funny gags.
Summary. Jimmy Pataya - cheerful taymkiller sports themes for android, which is very difficult to survive and earn more than a thousand points. Overall, the game is quite good, and after preliminary training and getting used to, the game is pretty nice. However, many may seem monotonous and simple in terms of gameplay. Significantly improve the situation may conduct new items, bonuses and heroes.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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