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Pocket Bowling

Pocket BowlingPocket BowlingPocket BowlingPocket BowlingPocket BowlingPocket BowlingPocket BowlingPocket BowlingPocket Bowling


Brandon Girod
Posted: Brandon GirodTested 07 Apr 2018 on HTC One M8

Bring the bowling alley with you
Responsive controls, layered gameplay, good art
Fullscreen video ads, cosmetics are random

What can you do if you want to keep a bowling alley in your pocket? Download Pocket Bowling for Android, so you can bowl until your heart’s content. This is a tap arcade game that lets you bowl from anywhere you want, though it’s not quite the same as bowling in an actual bowling alley. This is more of an arcade game than a simulator.
This is a pretty simple game on its face. All you have to do is slide your finger in order to bowl. You’re not trying to knock down ten pins, however, at least not yet. Instead, each level will randomly arrange pins and you need to bowl in a way to knock them all down at one time. It’s pretty easy in the beginning, but the game will soon require you to learn new ways to bowl.
Surprisingly, there is a bit of depth to this game. You won’t simply be swiping straight in a single direction. Once you get a few levels in, you’ll have to learn to curve the ball when you bowl, or you’ll need to bowl in a way to know one pin into another, which will net you additional stars and reward you with a pretty cool effect.
Oddly enough, I didn’t notice too many ads in Pocket Bowling despite being a Ketchapp game. Overall, it was a pretty fun little game that I had fun playing in small increments. There were cosmetic rewards to purchase. Overall, I had a good time with this gem of a game, coming from Ketchapp.
Final ratings
Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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