Finding Teddy
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Finding Teddy
Finding Teddy
Finding Teddy
Finding Teddy
Finding Teddy
Finding Teddy

Review Finding Teddy

Sergei Petrov
Finding Teddy - atmospheric and original quest, filled with pixel graphics, strangeness and cruelty for Android. You - an ardent fan of quests and have tried all of their species and subspecies? You feel that you have nothing to surprise, and the genre has been exhausted? Then this unusual game for you!
Aides in the form of a cat and flies in the cylinder? Iron snake pipe, absorbing all life? Murder huge metal giant bee sting as punishment for plucked a flower? And why not! Here, as ever, is relevant to the slogan of all fanaticism, self-motivated individuals "do or die" or "die, but do it!"
It all starts with the fact that we sleep in our soft and comfortable bed, when suddenly there is a huge tentacles of the cabinet door and drags our beloved teddy bear in a terrible and unexplored until now the world with strange beings and the dangers at every turn.


If you understand the essence of all that is happening, then this game is not much different from the classic quest. As elsewhere in the genre as a whole, we have to move a lot, find a variety of inputs and outputs, complete assignments, avoid obstacles, to find the necessary items and use them in the most appropriate location for its intended purpose.
However, singularity and originality shown in this quest is literally everywhere and in the performance of any task. Here you feed the huge worm devouring berries, get online and become a hostage of spider cocoons, play a tune on colorful musical frogs will tear flower to then grow a new one, and so on and so forth. List of crazy and incredible adventures can go on for a very long time.

Finding Teddy Features for Android:

  • Special pixel graphics with corresponding characters and effects;
  • Cruel and at the same time funny story and atmosphere "on the fan";
  • The corresponding picture is grim and laconic music;
  • Many strange and unexpected characters;
  • Getting amusing pictures to the gallery with the chronicle of adventures occurred during the passage of the quest;
  • Pretty simple and easy passable job.
Assignments and their solutions are more than obvious. The game clearly lacks complexity. In addition, all that happens is more like finding a way out of the maze, rather than searching for items and the most notorious of the bears. So I would like a smaller movement and bustle, and more events in the framework of the genre.
Summary. Finding Teddy - more than the original representative of the genre quests for Android. Events in this unprecedented adventure bordering on insanity, and the degree of violence rolls over. So do not recommend buying this game for kids. Buy this amazing quest is for two U.S. dollars. As mentioned above, to assess what is happening is quite difficult, but one can describe the exact expression - "on the fan."

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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