Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes
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Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes
Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes
Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes
Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes
Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes
Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes
Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes
Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes

Review Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes

Brandon Girod
Incredibly unique art style, fun and varied gameplay with weapons and environments
Slow progression
In most cases, you can swap out the words clicker and idle game and be perfectly safe talking about the same type of game. But every now and then, a game will come along in the clicker genre that will bend the genre a bit. That’s exactly the case when it comes to Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes for Android. It’s a clicker alright, but one you probably won’t have much success with if you just let it run on its own.
This is a game where you’ll constantly be baby sitting it while you’re off doing your business and will be frantically tapping when you’re actually playing it. What I enjoy about this game is the fact that it feels pretty unique in its art style. You play as a Tab Buster who is trying to battle bizarre aliens. It’s essentially an endless RPG where the battle mechanic revolves around tapping the screen to do damage. You have a pet that will also do damage passively.
You won’t really be idling with the game running, however. Even though your pet can do damage while the game is live, you also receive damage. So, as you might expect, if you leave the game netflected, you’ll die. The game will run in the background while you’re idle, however. The problem is that you won’t win lots of loot that way.
I think most clicker fans will really enjoy this game, but it will depend on how much time someone wants to invest in it. I found the progression to be really slow and there aren’t clear progression paths, which is a good thing. Some armor and weapons are better against certain bounties, so it keeps things fresh. Overall, Tap Busters: Galaxy Heroes is a fun game.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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