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Review AutomateIt

Sergei Petrov
AutomateIt - an easy-to-use software for Android, which makes it easy to automate the most common functions of the device. For example, each time leaving the house to the street, you turn off Wi-Fi and turn 3G. With this program, you will not need to perform these actions, they will be made automatically.
The program is a Google Play recently, but has already gained a lot of popularity, thanks to a simple and intuitive interface, a large set of popular patterns from other users. The program is actively developed and supported by the developers, which is a major advantage over competitors.

The interface and the possibility of

The main window consists of three parts, the first is a large window titled "My Rules", which compiled a list of your active rules, and there's a button to add rules and conservation.
Below is the most interesting button "Rules Market", where you can find the rules of the other participants. Recommend that you start from here, as is likely, all desired automation already made and someone will be in the list of top 20 rules.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Switching on / off Wi-Fi and switching to 3G when out of range (at home);
  • The inclusion of a music player when headphones;
  • Messages at a certain battery charge;
  • Message that the charge;
  • The inclusion of GPS only when you open the card;
  • Turning Bluetooth on when you start to connect the player to the headphones;
  • The maximum brightness when running the camera.
Each rule consists of a flip-flop in which the function is activated, it can be input into the zone on the GPS, the inclusion of a specific program. Next, set the action to be performed under this condition. And we can set a rule-limitation. In fact, nothing complicated to set up templates, no, everything is beautifully illustrated and is supplemented by detailed comments.
The program is distributed in the form of free and paid version. The free version has some limitations on the number of rules, as well as access to some functions. But its fine enough for a minimal set of templates (setting Wi-Fi, 3G and so on), then it will be enough people half. If you want something more, then the full version will cost you only $ 2, which is quite a bit, given the high quality of the program.
Summary. AutomateIt - this is a quality tool automation devices based on Android, which will give your smart phones and tablets with a piece of useful intelligence, and throw off your shoulder routine that you perform every day.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 8/10
Design 10/10
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