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Mini Guns
Mini Guns
Mini Guns
Mini Guns
Mini Guns
Mini Guns
Mini Guns
Mini Guns

Review Mini Guns

Brandon Girod
Responsive unit controls, interesting gameplay mechanics, great competitive gameplay
Odd game pacing, no cpu mode
Commander, what are your orders? The Dominion is pushing out base from two fronts and just picked up another supply drop! In Mini Guns for Android, you’ll assume the role of a commander who must pit his army against another to prevail. You’ll do this by managing your supply resources intelligently and putting out units that are effective against enemy troops.
This is a tough game to explain without having played it. At its core, this is a real-time strategy game on a small scale. Every battle plays out on the exact same level. Each side has one base that is flanked by two bunkers and there are three lanes: a mid lane, a top lane and a bottom lane. You earn a set amount of resources over time that you’ll use to build units to push out into any of the three lanes. You never have enough resources so you really have to be careful about balancing your resources and distributing your units effectively.
At the end of every match you play, you’ll be able to earn coins that can be used to purchase crates where you’ll earn new minis. New minis can be actual new units that can deploy on the battlefield or they can be duplicates that can be put towards upgrading your current minis, buffing their stats and making them more effective.
I had a blast playing Mini Guns, but every match really felt like a struggle. Even matches where I felt like I should have had a clear advantage because I was constantly picking up supply crates to give me extra resources, I still felt barely ahead of my opponents. It’s a fun game, but definitely very competitive.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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