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Zombie Dash
Zombie Dash
Zombie Dash
Zombie Dash
Zombie Dash
Zombie Dash
Zombie Dash

Review Zombie Dash

Brandon Girod
Responsive controls
Lots of ads, repetitive gameplay, low production value
Straight out of 2008 comes a Flash-like game called Zombie Dash for Android. This is a game that I swear came out right when Apple was reigning supreme as the mobile operating system of choice for me and while Android was just making its humble beginnings. And, unfortunately, the game plays and feels like it’s that old, too. It just doesn’t hold up in today’s offerings of premium mobile games.
So this game is basically a runner where you’re jumping over spikes, pits and blowing as many zombies away as you can find. You have two buttons: a jump and an attack button. Each does what you’d expect. Playing through the game, you’ll find random power-ups that will unlock new weapons you can use temporarily until you run out of ammunition. I’ll be honest, though, in the capacity I played the game I found the starting shotgun to be the best weapon. Why? Because you can spam the shots and it will annihilate anything in your path.
One of the game’s greatest downfalls is how zombies spawn in. They’ll spawn in randomly and especially right where you're about to land, which will force you to lose a life if you have a weapon that can’t deal with that. This can be pretty frustrating because there isn’t really much you can do about it if you’re not properly equipped. The gameplay fails to really evolve, too. Upgrading weapons takes way too much time and it takes too long for the game to actually get challenging.
In the end, nothing about Zombie Dash really impressed me. The game looks a bit cheap and while the controls are responsive, they’re not great. The music and sound effects don’t sound good and the game becomes incredibly repetitive.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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