Tiny Miners - Idle Clicker
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Tiny Miners - Idle Clicker
Tiny Miners - Idle Clicker
Tiny Miners - Idle Clicker
Tiny Miners - Idle Clicker
Tiny Miners - Idle Clicker
Tiny Miners - Idle Clicker
Tiny Miners - Idle Clicker

Review Tiny Miners - Idle Clicker

Brandon Girod
Great graphics, dwarf premise is interesting
Natural progression feels like a grind, some of the mechanics feel unbalanced
I’ve traditionally been very fond of almost every idle clicker game that I’ve played on mobile platforms so far. Something about watching numbers get bigger and bigger just does it for me. That said, every now and then I stumble upon one that just doesn’t make the cut. Tiny Miners - Idle Clicker for Android is that clicker right now.
Now, right out of the gate there really isn’t anything here that should immediately turn me off. Everything in this game has to be upgraded in order to progress and there honestly isn’t a lot of clicking to be done. The idea is that you send miners into tunnels in order to get gems. You’ll earn money passively from the miners but you’ll earn the bigger chunk of your earnings from the carts of gems they mine out.
In order to increase your earnings you’ll need to increase the amount of miners you have working and you’ll need to upgrade your mines to do that. The next bottleneck is your carts as you’ll quickly find that your supply will overload your carts. Finding the balance is hard but you’ll soon find your lack of money is the ultimately bottleneck.
Something about the gameplay balance just irked me, though. I never felt like I was truly earning a ton of money, instead most of my money came from random boxes of cash I received. The amount of cash I found in these boxes negated most of the money I was making otherwise.
Tiny Miners - Idle Clickers looks like a great clicker but I found the gameplay balance to be a bit awkward. I didn’t like the random drops of money but felt like natural progression was way more grindy than other clickers like this game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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