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Diver Dash
Diver Dash
Diver Dash
Diver Dash
Diver Dash
Diver Dash
Diver Dash

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Brandon Girod
Responsive and intuitive controls
Video ads too frequent, incredibly repetitive gameplay
Mobile games are the new arcade games. You no longer have to throw your hard-earned quarters into a coin slot to play quick games that will probably be over in a few minutes. Instead, you can just run over to the Play Store, find a game you like, download it and jump right in. The caveat is that the game will likely hide features behind in-app purchases. That’s the name of the game when it comes to Diver Dash for Android. It’s a mobile arcade game that values coin over the player’s time and their entertainment.
So in Diver Dash, you’ll dive and dash underwater through underwater obstacles like mines and sharks. Tapping and holding the screen will cause the diver to move quickly but will stop other obstacles from moving. Releasing your finger from the screen will cause the diver to float down much slower but also allows for obstacles to pass. This is literally all there is to the game. I wish I could say it evolved, but it felt like a game of patience over anything else. I never found it getting any more difficult, but I did find myself struggling to fight against my own attention span.
Playing through the game, you’ll earn currency that can then be used to purchase cosmetic goods. That would be fine and dandy but the rate of earning these coins is really slow. You can earn free rewards over time. The most egregious part of the game is the crazy amount of video ads I experienced while playing it.
Overall, Diver Dash doesn’t seem to offer anything unique to the Play Store. If you’re familiar with mobile arcade games, this is just another one-trick pony and I’d say it’s hardly worth the memory space required to download it on your device.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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