Nonstop Chuck Norris
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Nonstop Chuck Norris
Nonstop Chuck Norris
Nonstop Chuck Norris
Nonstop Chuck Norris
Nonstop Chuck Norris
Nonstop Chuck Norris
Nonstop Chuck Norris
Nonstop Chuck Norris
Nonstop Chuck Norris

Review Nonstop Chuck Norris

Brandon Girod
Features some good jokes, clever gameplay mechanics, chuck norris
Gameplay gets repetitive
Once upon a time ago, there was a time and place for Chuck Norris. That time was back in the ‘80s with a brief revival through memes in 2005. Nonstop Chuck Norris for Android is a mobile game that is pretty much The Internet: The Game circa 2005 as it features Chuck Norris as the hero and a cat as the game’s main villain.
This game touts itself as an action game but don’t be fooled, this game is most definitely a clicker through and through. Chuck Norris will run through each level auto-attacking everything in his path. Your only true interaction consists of managing Chuck’s various cooldown skills that you’ll use to demolish your foes.
The reason I really say this is a clicker is because of the game’s structure. Just like a clicker, you’ll go through waves of set enemies in various levels, eventually leading up to a boss. If you are defeated by said boss, you can continue grinding the level until you earn enough coins to upgrade your gear enough to beat the boss. Then you’ll rinse and repeat. You’ll find new gear you can equip that does change the look of Chuck, which is pretty cool.
Despite me sounding a little critical of the premise in the beginning of the review, I actually enjoyed Nonstop Chuck Norris. It’s not the Chuck Norris aspect of the game, though, it’s the fact that it’s a cleverly disguised clicker. You can keep playing, watch the numbers get bigger, and take down an evil cat running around in a giant robot.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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