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Slithery Split
Slithery Split
Slithery Split
Slithery Split
Slithery Split
Slithery Split
Slithery Split
Slithery Split
Slithery Split

Review Slithery Split

Brandon Girod
Cool perspective shift, simple controls
Too many ads, repetitive gameplay
If you’re not a fan of arcade games then turn back right now. Slithery Split for Android is a test in patience, but mostly an exercise in frustration. It’s an arcade game that flips your perspective around as you try to twist two symmetrical objects between dangerous obstacles. Can you survive? I couldn’t.
It’s not secret that I’m no fan of these one-trick arcade games. It’s not necessarily that I’m not interested in their simple mechanics, it’s that they feel like they do nothing more than print money, and in more ways than one. The first time I died, I had a full-page ad thrown in my face, and there is a constant banner ad sitting at the bottom of the screen. If you ever find yourself hurting for gems, which you probably will, you can grab more by watching video ads, too.
The gameplay is face-paced, hectic and incredibly frustrating. I died on the first obstacles more times than I care to admit. I found that the easiest way to progress was by moving as little as possible. If I could hang out on the outside edge of the screen and totally bypass the obstacles, I’d do it. If not, I’d try and take the path of least resistance. This means that I tried to not play the game in order to get further in the game. The problem is that the cool perspective doesn’t kick in until you’ve scored around 500 points.
Slithery Split is another frustrating arcade game that just wants to push ads in your face. There is nothing to really unlock, and you can experience nearly everything the game has to offer in the first five minutes.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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