Blocky Snowboarding
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Blocky Snowboarding
Blocky Snowboarding
Blocky Snowboarding
Blocky Snowboarding
Blocky Snowboarding
Blocky Snowboarding
Blocky Snowboarding
Blocky Snowboarding
Blocky Snowboarding
Blocky Snowboarding

Review Blocky Snowboarding

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, cool premise, simple controls, fair unlock system
Repetitive gameplay
It’s time to hit the slopes with Blocky Snowboarding for Android. Imagine the cold, brisk air hitting your face as you peer over the side of the mountain. The snow crunches softly beneath your feet. You strap your boots into your snowboard and hit the slopes. Yeah, this is nothing like that.
This is a one-touch arcade game that drops you off onto the side of a mountain from a helicopter. Your goal is to ride for as long as possible. It’s a simple task at first. Trees are far and few between, ramps are scarce and there are a lot fewer distractions around. When you end each level, you’ll have to time a jump. Timing it right means you’ll get extra points. Failing the jump means your ride is over. Once you’re in the air, you can swipe in any direction to perform a unique trick, then you have to stick the landing. Same rules apply.
As you get into higher levels things begin to fill out a bit. Suddenly there are more trees you could potentially run into. There are more ramps to hit, pits to fall into. The world becomes more dangerous. The generous timers on the jump and landing mini games are sped up and it seems like everything is out to get you. If you fail then you have to start all over again, though you can use currency to get a second chance.
Unlocks can be purchased with real money, which is a bit boring, but you can also unlock them in random slot machines with tapes you earn by playing the game, or by earning them through achievements.
Blocky Snowboarding is a one trick pony. It’s interesting in that it’s not exactly like every other one-touch arcade game, but it’s still a mechanically simple game that doesn’t offer much in terms of replayability.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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