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Bubble Box
Bubble Box
Bubble Box
Bubble Box
Bubble Box
Bubble Box
Bubble Box
Bubble Box
Bubble Box

Review Bubble Box

Sergei Petrov
Bubble Box - is a fun arcade game for Android, which we will combine balls of the same color. If you at least once played or seen the game ZUMA and its many analogues, then immediately realize that here's what.
The game's plot revolves around two rats who search for treasure in an abandoned attic. To search every box, you need to go through 12 levels and collect the maximum number of stars that will be needed in order to open the next box.


The playing field in Bubble Box is significantly different from all the peers, it is made in the shape of a rectangle in the center of which is a hole. From this hole will appear colored balls, we will throw them into other spheres, which are located at the edges of the playing field. The objective is to clear the playing field in the shortest period of time.
Control of the game is quite simple: we just throw the ball with your finger, but here are some of the features. Balls and magnets are attracted to each other, so if you will throw the ball straight, but somewhere in the side close to it will be the other balls, the trajectory will change the way a bit. If you understand physics in the game, you can learn how to throw a ball in an arcuate path. Another feature of the game: we can not miss the ball close to the center, or else lose. Red marked area for which the balls must not intrude.
Only in the game boxes 8 through 12 levels in each, and that last for several hours of game play. The game is completely free, but contains ads can not be disabled in the bottom of the screen, as well as pop-up ads between levels. This kind of charge developers for free of charge.
Completing a level we will get points and gain the star. Each level is strictly limited in time, and the longer we carry out the task, the less we get stars in total. These stars will need to open the boxes next to the levels.

Features Bubble Box for Android:

  • Good graphics;
  • Simple operation;
  • Interesting gameplay style ZUMA;
  • 8 sections by every 12 levels.
Summary. Bubble Box - is a simple and addictive free arcade game for Android, which like ZUMA-fans of the original game. Yes, the game does not look very nice from the competition in the face of Atlantis Sky Patrol and Marble Blast 2 , but it is completely free and offers a unique gameplay.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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