Blender Defender: Fruit Slicer
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Blender Defender: Fruit Slicer
Blender Defender: Fruit Slicer
Blender Defender: Fruit Slicer
Blender Defender: Fruit Slicer
Blender Defender: Fruit Slicer
Blender Defender: Fruit Slicer
Blender Defender: Fruit Slicer
Blender Defender: Fruit Slicer

Review Blender Defender: Fruit Slicer

Sergei Petrov
Blender Defender: Fruit Slicer - is an exciting defense game for Android with the original idea and a great modern graphics. In this game we will defend a brand new blender from the crowds of evil fruit, that will do anything, but would not be ground into juice.
Game development studio is engaged Webelinx LLC, which we know from a good free game - Defender 3 . The new game developers have made a big step forward in quality, the game is done at a high level, and the gameplay is not jaded.


The game space is a standard kitchen table. On the right, near the wall, is our protagonist - a blender that is connected to the outlet. Blender will help electric hair dryers and supply system of cubes of ice.
Fruits are large crowds to attack from the left. Once they get to the blender, then start beating him until the break. Our task - using your finger to draw circles around the fruit (highlight them) and move into the blender bowl, where they will turn to ice.
If you draw a circle around the fruit, it will fly up for a few seconds in the air and will hover in a small vial, which we can move and throw. The top skill - it's quick selection of fruit and tossing them from a distance right in the bowl of a blender, it's almost getting into the basketball hoop.
Between levels Blender Defender: Fruit Slicer we can pump the various aspects of defense, such as the speed of restoring the health of the blender, for example, increase the amount of time allocated for the fruit, increasing the number of bubbles, pump protection tools and much more.
To activate the protective devices must press their button when you need it. For example, the ice can be frozen for a few seconds, all the fruit in the center of the table. With the help of the fan can drop all the fruit ago. A red button on the blender will help push back a little bit coming up fruit.
With each new level will attack us fresh fruit. Grapes, for example, can shoot the blender at a distance, and watermelon is very heavy and difficult to put into a blender. The most evil enemies - it's nuts. If the nut will fall into a blender, then he will suffer a huge loss, and it may even break down. Nuts must be discarded every time ago and screen out of the total weight of fruit.

Features Blender Defender - Fruit Slicer for Android:

  • Excellent HD-graphics;
  • A nice animation;
  • Funny live fruit;
  • Each fruit has its own unique characteristics;
  • 100 levels in a single game;
  • Simple operation;
  • Dynamic gameplay;
  • Improved performance blender and protective elements.
Summary. Blender Defender: Fruit Slicer - it's a great arcade game for Android with original gameplay. However, many may find it very difficult to get bored quickly. The game is free and ad-option to purchase additional bonuses for real money.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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