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Zombie HQ
Zombie HQ
Zombie HQ
Zombie HQ
Zombie HQ
Zombie HQ
Zombie HQ
Zombie HQ

Review Zombie HQ

Sergei Petrov
Zombie HQ - is a new exciting action game for Android in the zombie theme, in which we will survive in the big city after the apocalypse, hiding on the roof, get food and ammunition, as well as look for new weapons and carry out interesting quests.
Engaged in developing the game studio Rebellion, which we all know a hit on two action games - Judge Dredd and Guns 4 Hire . Feature of all the games studio is insane simplicity of gameplay, they decided to automate the most difficult part of action games - shooting.


The game begins with the selection of the character - female or male. Next, we show a good game cartoon that blends in with the gameplay. In the course of the passage of time we are not going to watch these video inserts, which, by the way, made a very high quality.
Control of the game consists of a joystick to move a character that is on the left side of the screen, and buttons for shooting in the right side of the screen. Also on the panel, you can find the button switch weapons, use grenades, reload, and special attacks.
As we have said, shooting in the game is in automatic mode. We just click on the "shoot" when we see the enemy, and our hero takes aim and automatically makes the shot. By the way, zombies fly very nice, juicy and believable. Shoot them in this game is incredibly nice.
If you suddenly run out of ammo or just tired of all the killing from a distance, nothing prevents us from switching to a club and smudge it a couple of zombies. The game features a wide variety of zombies, including the classic slow, fast, able to jump, zombie fatties (explode) and many mutants.
Between levels, we get to the roof, where there are our refuge. Here we can buy ammo, improve or swap weapons, play a slot machine, see the map of the area and change the look of your character.

Features Zombie HQ for Android:

  • High-quality 3D-graphics;
  • A huge variety of weapons;
  • Improvement items;
  • Improving skills and characteristics;
  • Interesting mission;
  • A large variety of zombies, including the bosses.
The disadvantages of the game include a rather large dependence on in-game purchases with real money, which is not immediately, but after a few hours. After playing for a few hours in this game, you will feel a noticeable increase in the level of difficulty and at some point, just not be able to complete the level without a new gun, which you just do not have enough resources.
Summary. Zombie HQ - it is an excellent shooter game for Android, which technically looks very cool. Colorful graphics, lush effects, easy operation and a lot of action. Great free entertainment that will appeal to all fans of action games!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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