Heroes of Destiny
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Heroes of Destiny
Heroes of Destiny
Heroes of Destiny
Heroes of Destiny
Heroes of Destiny
Heroes of Destiny
Heroes of Destiny
Heroes of Destiny

Review Heroes of Destiny

Sergei Petrov
Heroes of Destiny - a dynamic game for Android, combining genres such as strategy, action and RPG. In this game we will manage a small group of 4 people who have to face an army of chaos, swiftly seizing the land of the native kingdom.
Game development studio is engaged in Glu Mobile, familiar to us in dozens of hit games. As an example, we can bring you the shooter Gun Bros 2 and Dragon Slayer . In general, the company is trying to release at least one game in every genre and subgenre.


In this game, the battles take place on smaller maps in real time. We manage four characters, each with their own unique skills and abilities. This may be a team of knight, mage, healer and archer.
Management in the Heroes of Destiny is very simple and is carried out by means of gestures. Let's say we are attacked two enemy. We sway the war on one enemy archer on the second healer to give the command to treat the war as a magician using spells. For competent management of detachment is necessary to train a lot, given that each of the characters as the pumping level, there will be several active spells.
Each mission in the game is composed of several small cards. With the dead corpses we will get gold and various artifacts. Also, in the course of moving between locations is a small mini-game where you need to quickly press the bags of gold that will appear in random places.
Some quests and missions can be played several times at the same time and choose the level of difficulty. We can choose the mission themselves, moving our unit on the global map. In addition, between missions, we can pump the skills for the characters, buy or sell clothing, as well as purchase of a new team member.

Features Heroes of Destiny for Android:

  • Stunning 3D-graphics;
  • Excellent visual effects;
  • Nice sound;
  • A mixture of genres tactics, RPG and action;
  • Simple and responsive controls;
  • The huge open world;
  • Interesting mission;
  • A large number of different characters;
  • Improved performance, buy weapons and more.
In technical terms, this game is definitely the best in its class and is far ahead of its competitors in the face of Epic Raiders and Sci-Fi Heroes . That alone is worth to be prepared for the fact that the primary purpose of the developer - it does not please you, and force you to make a purchase in-game for real money. On the other hand, you can do without it, but then the game quickly get bored.
Summary. Heroes of Destiny - a quality and addictive game for Android, which will appeal to fans of genres of action and RPG. Beautiful graphics, high-quality study of the world and the characters, and the relative gratuity make this game very attractive, especially in the first two hours of when we do not need and give enjoy the process.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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