Soldier vs Aliens
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Soldier vs Aliens
Soldier vs Aliens
Soldier vs Aliens
Soldier vs Aliens
Soldier vs Aliens
Soldier vs Aliens
Soldier vs Aliens

Review Soldier vs Aliens

Sergei Petrov
Soldier vs Aliens - this is a simple action game for Android pro opposition soldiers and aliens. We will play for a big surly paratrooper, clad in a huge steel armor that protects from all the bites and blows aliens. Our task is to clear the perimeter of the perimeter until the ship is cleared from the aliens and infection.
Game development studio is engaged Bulkypix, which we know from fun games like Aby Escape and Jazz: Trump `s Journey .


Mechanics of the game is very simple and even somewhat primitive. On one side of the level behind the barricades is our hero, on the other hand in our direction moving dozens of others. We can drag our hero finger at any place behind the barricade. When you click on the right side of the screen the soldiers opened fire.
Our task is to ensure a quick swap soldier from one place to another, then a little to aim and shoot aliens. Although the management and simple, but is mastered at once, and sometimes it is not clear how we can miss in someone else's, which is right in front of us.
With each new level we will open up new costumes and weapons. In our arsenal will shotguns, assault rifles and machine guns. Also, the developers have not forgotten about Throwing, grenades and bombs that methane by dragging the object from the bottom of the panel and specify the area.

Features Soldier vs Aliens for Android:

  • An interesting idea;
  • Good graphics;
  • Simple operation;
  • A wide variety of weapons;
  • 50 levels and multiple versions of the game;
  • Bleeding armor and weapons.
Potentially very good game ruined many mistakes in the field of sound, which is very annoying sometimes. Also, the graphics in the game, though interesting, but the place looks like a very miserable for the day. Add to this a rather high complexity of the passage, and not because the game is complex, and because of not very responsive handling.
Summary. Soldier vs Aliens - it is quite average game for Android with a good idea, a few interesting features and great ambitions. Ideal for a couple of hours to play. But no more than that, just eventually get bored.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 4/10
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