RE-VOLT 3 : Best RC 3D Racing
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RE-VOLT 3 : Best RC 3D Racing
RE-VOLT 3 : Best RC 3D Racing
RE-VOLT 3 : Best RC 3D Racing
RE-VOLT 3 : Best RC 3D Racing
RE-VOLT 3 : Best RC 3D Racing
RE-VOLT 3 : Best RC 3D Racing
RE-VOLT 3 : Best RC 3D Racing
RE-VOLT 3 : Best RC 3D Racing

Review RE-VOLT 3 : Best RC 3D Racing

Brandon Girod
Good graphics, lots of upgrade paths
Poor controls, ui is too busy
Racing games require some serious mastery over the controls in order to win. As most of us know by now, controls on phone games tend to leave a lot to be desired, so most racing games, like Re-Volt3 for Android, tend to sacrifice those controls for more watered down versions in order to make the games playable. This is a racing game built for mobile from the ground up and as such leaves much to be desired in the way of real gameplay.
In Re-Volt you take control over super powered RC cars. Beginning a race, you’ll have the opportunity to get an immediate boost by timing your launch correctly. From there you will steer and drift your way through levels. You don’t control acceleration directly, instead you’ll build a boost meter based on how well you drift through corners so that you can unleash another boost to zip past your opponents.
I found the drifting mechanics to be kind of wild, and not in the good way. Here you’ll essentially tap the brake pedal to drift and if you brake too much during a drift, you’ll get turned around. The problem with this is that sometimes I would get turned around the first time I hit the brake. Fortunately, the game will revert you fairly quickly, but it’s still annoying.
The game also has tons of room to upgrade your vehicle and unlock new ones. You’ll need to constantly upgrade your car in order to stay competitive. The problem is that the menus are so information dense that it’s really hard to navigate through them and see what you’re really getting. KISS - keep it simple, stupid - is an ideology these UI designers need to understand because the UI here is a nightmare.
Racing games are hard to get down on a mobile platform, but there are still plenty that get it right. Unfortunately for Re-Volt3, it’s just not one of them. I found the entire experience more frustrating than fun.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 7/10
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