Cookie Run: OvenBreak
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Cookie Run: OvenBreak
Cookie Run: OvenBreak
Cookie Run: OvenBreak
Cookie Run: OvenBreak
Cookie Run: OvenBreak
Cookie Run: OvenBreak
Cookie Run: OvenBreak
Cookie Run: OvenBreak

Review Cookie Run: OvenBreak

Brandon Girod
Attentive devs that provide seasonal updates, solid controls, fun game mechanics
Timers on some runs can get lengthy
If you’re looking to sink your teeth into a new runner then Cookie Run: OvenBreak for Android might be the one for you. It’s an endless runner with a fun multiplayer twist, and has a lot of interesting mechanics that make the game stand out in a genre that has grown rather static in current times.
So this game has a tutorial that is definitely a tutorial. And by that I mean I wanted it to end the moment it started up. Fortunately, if you die in the tutorial, you can actually skip it. So please, feel free to die. Once you’ve finally found your way into the game, you’ll have a lot of fun, I promise. The catch with this game is that you’re always in a race against other players to get the high score.
I really like this idea because there isn’t any real straight progression in the game because you never know how you’re going to stack up against the rest of the people you’re playing against. The downside is that a game like this really requires a constant flux of new people to play against, and that might not always be the case. Depending on where you place, you’ll get trophies. You’ll need to get a certain amount of trophies in order to move along to a new level.
Explaining the game’s mechanics like that makes it feel like it could grow stagnate really quickly, but it doesn’t. While you’re gathering trophies, you’re also building up different gingerbread men and women, building up pets that have passive abilities and unlocking new ones. This means you’re always working towards a new goal.
Overall, I think Cookie Run: OvenBreak did something I didn’t think it could do: it moved the genre forward. The whole package this game gives just seems like good fun and it’s one of the first runners I can confidently recommend.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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