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Alien Hive
Alien Hive
Alien Hive
Alien Hive
Alien Hive
Alien Hive
Alien Hive
Alien Hive
Alien Hive

Review Alien Hive

Sergei Petrov
Alien Hive - this is an interesting puzzle game for Android, in which we will move and combine a variety of living things, to get a more modern form of life. The game is a certain symbiosis collectibles and pyatnashek. On the playing field is always only one cell is empty, and, therefore, move objects, we can only into it.
Game development studio is engaged Appxplore Sdn Bhd. What we know, thanks to its original and unusual game Sporos , which has already gained a lot of popularity on our website and in the store Google Play.


The playing field Alien Hive is designed as a 6x6 grid. All cells are occupied by various objects it may be crystals, plants or unusual monsters. One of the cells is always free, and in it, we'll move the other elements.
Our objective is to pass at one time as much as possible and achieve maximal levels of elements. Objects come together when three identical and are located near the edges in contact with each other. Items can be more, then there is an opportunity to get extra bonus.
In addition to the assembly of objects, the map also has crystals, gathering them together, we will get additional moves. The number of free moves indicated in the upper right-hand corner. Once their number will reset, the game will be over.
During the process of the game, we can use a variety of power-ups, blow up unnecessary items, activated at the time of super ability, which allows to move all rows at once, and more. Also, in addition to bonuses, we will have to appear and an additional complication in the form of the evil robots that will not interfere with our actions.

Features Alien Hive for Android:

  • Stunning memorable 2D-graphics;
  • Colorful animation and effects;
  • Interesting gameplay;
  • A number of different bonuses;
  • Nice soundtrack;
  • Collectibles forms of life and many more.
According to its gameplay, the game resembles a masterpiece like Triple Town , and Prime World: Alchemy . In these games, we also gather together the same subjects, but the gameplay is made a little differently. So if you like the idea, then be sure to pay attention to these games.
Summary. Alien Hive - is a colorful puzzle game for Android with excellent graphics and addictive gameplay component. Distributed game for free with possibility to buy some items in the store for real money. True, you can very easily do without it.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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