Mega Run - Redford's Adventure
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Mega Run - Redford's Adventure
Mega Run - Redford's Adventure
Mega Run - Redford's Adventure
Mega Run - Redford's Adventure
Mega Run - Redford's Adventure
Mega Run - Redford's Adventure
Mega Run - Redford's Adventure

Review Mega Run - Redford's Adventure

Sergei Petrov
Mega Run - is a fun game for Android, which combines several genres such as arcade platformer and runner. In this game we will run through the colorful locations, collect coins and bonuses, crystals and avoid evil monsters.
Game development studio is engaged Get Set Games Inc, we know very well for a very popular game - Mega Jump . Actually, in the new game around the world and the main character is the same, but completely changed the genre. And from a simple time killer game turned into a fun platform game with lots of levels.


The main character, a great and funny red monster, moves automatically. All we can do - is to click in any part of the display to make the leap. The more we press on the screen, the higher the bounce our character.
Each level in the game has a complicated structure with a large number of passages and turns. Our task is to pass the level and collect the maximum number of coins and find all of the hidden crystals. Sometimes they simply can not be collected at a time, and in these cases it is possible to pass a second level and again to select another passage. Overall, the game has great potential in terms of replayability.
While running, we will come across various bonuses, such as a magnet that attracts coins or bank that allows the protagonist to be twice as much. All in the game 28 unique power-ups, and open them after their purchase and improve the in-game store. Unfortunately, some of the most interesting extras, you can only buy with real money.

Features Mega Run for Android:

  • Excellent 2D-graphics;
  • Nice sound;
  • Over 80 levels in 5 unique locations;
  • A large number of hidden units;
  • 28 unique amp;
  • The ability to choose different characters;
  • Simple operation;
  • Addictive gameplay.
Each completed level is measured not only by the number of coins collected, but also because if you found the secret stones or not.
Summary. Mega Run - a quality platformer for Android with many levels and interesting gameplay. Distributed game is absolutely free and without ads, but if you want you can purchase a variety of jewelry, super bonuses and new characters are for real money. The game is perfect for short gaming sessions, since the passage of the same level in less than 2 minutes.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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