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Don't Look Back
Don't Look Back
Don't Look Back
Don't Look Back
Don't Look Back

Review Don't Look Back

Sergei Petrov
Don't Look Back - this is an interesting pixel platformer for Android, which was released in 2009 on PC, and now, after four years got to mobile devices. The game is distributed completely free and without any restrictions, it is a small gift from the studio Terry Cavanagh, you can know at the arcade Super Hexagon .
The meaning of the game is to pass a variety of levels and in any case do not look back. The game is made in the pixel styling with a predominantly red color and its shades.


Control of the game is very simple and clear. To the left are two arrows to move back and forth, and on the right - the buttons for jumping and shooting. Lives in the game, so when faced with the enemy, we are dying at once and immediately begin to take the stage again. Under the stage meant that appears on the screen.
Dying in this game will be very common, because the game will have more difficult to search. The same scene can be run several times, as the levels are full of surprises. We will have to fall on the stones to attack snakes, birds, beetles and many other creatures.
The first flaw that immediately catches the eye, is a stripped-down play area. Unfortunately, the game was designed for the computer, and to change the resolution would have to redraw or remove parts of the structure that is completely remake the game.
By itself, the game is short, and if you play without hesitation, then you can go somewhere for 30 minutes. But in fact, the passage takes a few hours because of the very high level of complexity.

Features Don't Look Back for Android:

  • Pixel pastiche;
  • Easy management;
  • Interesting gameplay;
  • The high complexity;
  • The game is completely free, without any restrictions, and advertising.
The disadvantages of the game can be attributed not the most comfortable and responsive handling, and the fact that the game is not displayed on the full screen. If you have these deficiencies are critical, you can look at a similar arcade of OrangePixel called Meganoid 2 .
Summary. Don't Look Back - a simple, straightforward hardcore and addictive arcade game for Android. The game will appeal to fans of unusual and challenging platformer. This is a challenge, a test of your skill and dexterity. Try to beat the game and never look back!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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