Battle Alert - Empire Defense
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Battle Alert - Empire Defense
Battle Alert - Empire Defense
Battle Alert - Empire Defense
Battle Alert - Empire Defense
Battle Alert - Empire Defense
Battle Alert - Empire Defense
Battle Alert - Empire Defense
Battle Alert - Empire Defense
Battle Alert - Empire Defense
Battle Alert - Empire Defense
Battle Alert - Empire Defense

Review Battle Alert - Empire Defense

Jay Feldman
Online multiplayer, interesting plot
Very common, bores you really quickly, low quality graphics, low quality animation
Battle Alert - Empire Defense for Android offers an interesting take on the standard tower defense style play, however, it's very crude and underdeveloped.
Battle Alert - Empire Defense charges you with doing battle against live online opponents; just pick someone to attack and go to war - personally, I would have started with 'hello,' but outright attack works too. The game charges you with building up your own barracks in preparation for inevitable battle. Just recruit soldiers, select which structures to build and upgrade, and hope you have enough money to pay for all them. You won't get very far before you start to understand that war is commerce, and someone is always willing to arm any rebellion, virtual or otherwise, provided they've got cash.
The game features an interactive map that looks like a series of lost and uncharted islands. Just pick one to bomb and pillage, then go to town. The battles take place on the opponent's barracks, or your own, if someone attacks you first. Just deploy your tank and troops, then watch the carnage.
The app is very sluggish. I experienced constant buffering issues and hangs that just impeded the whole game. The graphics are decent but very rudimentary, and the animation is just choppy and sloppy with little refinement. The app is a battery killer, which would be fine if there were something here to see. But I have to wonder what's eating all the system resources, because whatever is taxing my CPU so heavily, sure isn't translating onscreen.
Battle Alert - Empire Defense shows promise but is mediocre at best. Maybe in a few more updates the kinks will be worked out and this one will actually be playable. For now, it's solidly forgettable.

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Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 5/10
Sound 7/10
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infamous D,server 2n server5,director,wt
infamous D,server 2n server5,director,wt02 Dec 2014, at 18:51
I have bought 4 tablets,all have said,not compatiblewhen a device says Google play certified that should mean you can get any game this is f****** ridiculous that I got to keep buying all these tablets how do I find out which one will let me download the game
Vlad Popa
Firstly, when asking for assistance, please always mention what devices you are using. That way the information I provide is as accurate as possible.
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