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Review Smash

Sergei Petrov
Smash - is a simple and addictive game for Android in the genre arkanoyd, which many know is on the first slot machines, and 8-bit consoles. In this game we have to beat us to the ball flying through move the platform. Our aim is to smash all colored blocks.
Engaged in developing a game studio Magma Mobile, specializing in mobile games. You can know it for a variety of simple arcade games and classic board games like checkers. Any of the ideas the developers do not have, but perfectly embody the known popular concept.


Learn to play Smash - very easy, because the game runs almost at the level of our instincts - and beat the catch is that in us flying. To control enough to put a finger on the screen just below the platform and led them to the right or to the left to move it.
Batted ball travels in the opposite direction and break blocks, some with a single blow, and others - with two or three. Each block can be hidden bonus interesting, for example, the expansion of our platform, protection, a second ball or penetrating power. Bonuses in the game very much and they are perfect for creating a process, or the game would have seemed too easy. In addition to the bonuses may fall as well harmful objects, reduce the size of the platform and increase the speed of the ball.
The game has two game modes: Arcade and passing levels. In the passage we have more than 100 different levels, divided into several sets. Arcade mode - is more complex version of the game, in which randomly generated levels and slides down, and we in turn have to have time to shoot down all the blocks.

Smash features for Android:

  • Nice HD-graphics;
  • Easy control with one finger;
  • Qualitative physics;
  • A huge number of bonuses and obstacles;
  • Two modes of play;
  • More than 100 levels in single player.
Very pleased with the fact that, unlike its competitors, the developers have done a normal physics engine, by which means all variations at fighting off the ball. For example, if we are in the process of fighting off a bit we will move your finger to the side, then the trajectory of the ball will change, as if we were playing table tennis.
Summary. Smash - this is a great arcade game for Android, which will appeal to all fans and lovers arkanoyd simple games where you can manage with one finger. Distributed game is ad-free, which does not hinder the gameplay.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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