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Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight
Star Knight

Review Star Knight

Brandon Girod
Beautiful graphics, solid controls, good level design
Serious performance issues
Star Knight for Android is a platform, action adventure game that features stellar graphics, a good storyline, and fun level design. Unfortunately, it also suffers from stuttering, insane frame drops, frame rate that’s all over the place, and it’s borderline unplayable.
So, I did a bit of looking around because none of the Play Store reviews mention the horrendous performance issue I have, but I’m rocking a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which has the most powerful mobile GPU you can get, and even though I’ve done everything I can think of to fix the issue, I just had a terrible time trying to play the game. I want to preface the review by saying this: Try the game yourself to see if you have the same performance issues I did. You’ll know right off the bat, and if you don’t, keep the game! It’s great!
Performance issues aside, I really enjoyed what I was able to play in this game. The combat isn’t really rewarding, but it’s fun, and the controls are all really solid. Nothing in this game is necessarily hard, but it’s the right amount of challenging to keep you interested without making you frustrated.
There is an upgrade path in this game in that you can purchase new weapons and find new items hidden in the world that will boost stats, but it’s not your traditional upgrade system in that you’re earning experience points and getting stronger passively.
Despite all of the performance issues, Star Knight is a really solid game if it works. It’s on sale right now for a buck, and I urge people to give it a shot if it interests them. You can always refund it after you find out!

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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