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Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores
Evo Explores

Review Evo Explores

Brandon Girod
Excellent platformer, beautiful design, fun levels
Sometimes borrows too heavily from other games
It’s great to see a truly great game get the recognition it deserves by spawning games that were so obviously influenced by it. Evo Explores for Android is a game that reminds me very much of Monument Valley, but isn’t afraid to branch off a bit and create a personality all its own.
In this game, you play Evo who is a space explorer. Even though Evo has explored numerous planets, when he arrives on the planet Byte, he discovers that this planet is different; physics don’t work quite the same way here as it does seemingly everywhere else.
This is a puzzle game that is all about manipulating your environment to get where you want to go. What I love about this game is the fact that you’re not just manipulating your environment, you’re also manipulating your perception of the environment. For instance, you might have only half a staircase, but if you spin the level in just the right way, that staircase will align with another, creating a new path for your character to take.
The game has a beautiful muted palette of colors that are absolutely beautiful, and even though the game does remind me of Monument Valley, it really creates its own sense of identity through its clever gameplay mechanics and outstanding art style.
Most of the time, we see match three games or endless runners get copied to death. It’s really refreshing that Evo Explorer decided to take a path less travelled and pay homage to a great platformer while knocking it out of the park itself.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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