Pacific War: Air Combat
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Pacific War: Air Combat
Pacific War: Air Combat
Pacific War: Air Combat
Pacific War: Air Combat
Pacific War: Air Combat
Pacific War: Air Combat
Pacific War: Air Combat
Pacific War: Air Combat
Pacific War: Air Combat
Pacific War: Air Combat
Pacific War: Air Combat
Pacific War: Air Combat
Pacific War: Air Combat
Pacific War: Air Combat
Pacific War: Air Combat
Pacific War: Air Combat
Pacific War: Air Combat

Review Pacific War: Air Combat

Brandon Girod
Really great graphics, responsive controls
Extremely small levels, obstacles are difficult to see, unbalanced
I’m not sure why, but it seems like the guys behind Pacific War: Air for Android decided to write the book on how to make an incredibly terrible arcade game for the platform. The game is set in the Pacific theater of World War 2 and challenges the player to stay alive in an incredibly small arena while enemy plans roar through, AA turrets are gunning you down and buildings block your flight paths.
There are a lot of bad things about this game, but let’s start from the beginning: There is no written objective before you’re thrown into the game. As soon as you’re thrown in, you’ll notice a SAM gunning for you that is nearly impossible to outrun unless you pull off some cool flying maneuvers. If you manage to do that, and you probably won’t your first time, you’ll probably end up flying straight into a giant laser that only exists to make sure you don’t fly out of bounds. That’s no fault of the player. It’s because the game never bothers to tell you what the hell you’re doing.
Trying to progress in the game is like beating your head against the wall. You constantly have a million SAMs trying to shoot you down that you can’t outrun, so you have to try and make them run into buildings. Buildings, unfortunately, can’t be seen until it’s too late or are so non-descript that you end up running into them before you even realize what they are. I’d wager to say the majority of this game is simply trying to memorize the map so you can minimize the amount of times you die to things you can’t see because that tends to happen a lot.
The bottom line is that Pacific War: Air is probably one of the most frustrating experience on Android to date. The gameplay would be good but you’re not given any way to succeed, meanwhile, literally everything in the game only exist to make sure you die quickly and with much frustration.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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