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Dictator 2
Dictator 2
Dictator 2
Dictator 2
Dictator 2
Dictator 2
Dictator 2

Review Dictator 2

Brandon Girod
Thousands of scenarios, new features
Has way too many ads, balanced gameplay is difficult
Dictator 2 for Android is the successor to the original text-based Dictator game, but now your options have expanded tenfold compared to what you were able to do before. This time you are a young dictator of a small democratic republic. Gameplay remains similar to what we’ve seen before, though.
This game is all about making smart and timely decisions while balancing your reputation between the six factions that live within your country. The game plays out turn by turn where you’re allowed to make one decision each turn. These decisions are small scenarios that play out and each choice you make will alter your reputation among the six factions. You want to make sure you’re in good standing with all of them or else one will try to overthrow you.
This time around you can also make war with other countries too. You are no longer stuck with trying to maintain just one country, there are tons to conquer. There is also a slight base building mechanism built into the game because you can create things that will allow you to accrue more money and give you other benefit that will give you the upper hand over the six factions.
I do have to complain about the ads, however. There are tons of pop up ads all the time, and if you lose there is a video ad that plays no matter what you try to do. Even if you quit out of the game and clear it from your ram, it’ll still pop back up.
Dictator 2 has some great ideas but I found the gameplay to be pretty difficult to maintain and the ads were just too cumbersome.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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