Bubble Man: Rolling
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Bubble Man: Rolling
Bubble Man: Rolling
Bubble Man: Rolling
Bubble Man: Rolling
Bubble Man: Rolling
Bubble Man: Rolling
Bubble Man: Rolling
Bubble Man: Rolling

Review Bubble Man: Rolling

Brandon Girod
Solid controls, very unique art style
Lots of ads
If you had the powers to become a bubble, I don’t think you’d want to use them very often - bubbles pop, after all. Bubble Man: Rolling for Android is the unfortunate story of a man who seems to be permanently stuck in the state of a bubble.
This is an arcade game where you’re essentially trying to prolong the life of Bubble Man by avoiding obstacles such as dogs and birds. Bubble Man rolls around on his own, but you can sort of dribble him in the air by tapping on the screen. This isn’t a game like Flappy Bird, though. You don’t need to have him maintain altitude. You can drag him along the floor for as long as there is one and as long as there isn’t a dog trying to pop him.
Level design is surprisingly flat in a game like this. There are poles to break through, but your path is largely dictated by dangerous objects that lay ahead of you. The ground is usually dangerous because there are dogs and holes littered about, and the top of the screen usually isn’t the best place to be because there are birds that fly around up there. So instead, you’re stuck trying to flounder around in the middle.
You’ll collect hamburgers, randomly, around the level and these are used as currency to buy new characters to play as. I unlocked a witch but she wasn’t nearly as cool as Bubble Man, so I ditched her. The cool thing is that these unlocks actually change the environment, so even if you might not like the character, it’s still cool to see the environment change.
Bubble Man: Rolling is an interesting game, but it didn’t really capture me. I like the aesthetic and the gameplay, but I’ve seen it done countless times. So, while I think this is one of the best offerings, the gameplay itself just doesn’t do it for me.But if you’re a fan, I highly recommend it!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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