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Protect The Planet
Protect The Planet
Protect The Planet
Protect The Planet
Protect The Planet
Protect The Planet
Protect The Planet
Protect The Planet

Review Protect The Planet

Brandon Girod
Mechanical depth to gameplay, good visuals
Lame rewards, deep learning curve
In Protect the Planet for Android, Earth has been unlucky enough to become the target of a never ending asteroid assault. Asteroids approach Earth from all sides and it’s your job to use the moon as a shield by swinging it around and wreaking havoc to any asteroid that dares approach.
My moon wasn’t as cool as I’m thinking plenty of others’ are. This is a tough game because there are some actual mechanics to the game that you really need to master in order to succeed. Tapping the moon is what swings it around, but it swings the moon around in the opposite direction of its current orbit. You can also tap and hold the moon and it’ll swing around really fast. What’s tricky is that you really have to master this concept to manipulate the moon in exactly the way you want fast enough to actually be effective.
So, on one hand, I found this game really frustrating because the learning curve is really big. There were tons of times when I’d just fail right off the bat because I was just too stupid to get the moon to do what I wanted it to do.
What’s really odd about this game is that you can buy new moons. with currency that is painstakingly slow to acquire, you can eventually save up 100 coins and buy mystery moons that do nothing but look slightly different from the one you’re used to seeing when you look up at the sky.
For hardcore arcade game fans, Protect the Planet is definitely one to think about getting. There are complex gameplay mechanics that come into play and must be mastered, and it feels really good when you start beating your old scores because you’re learning. But if you’re easily frustrated then you might wanna skip this one.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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