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Mini Ninjas
Mini Ninjas
Mini Ninjas
Mini Ninjas
Mini Ninjas
Mini Ninjas

Review Mini Ninjas

Sergei Petrov
Mini Ninjas - a dynamic arcade game for Android, in which we will play for the young ninja and samurai to fight against. The game is completely devoid of any violence, all defeated opponents are reborn as animals.
Development of the game deals with the major studios Square Enix, which is mainly known for its big-budget games on PC and consoles, among the best examples - Final Fantasy, Hitman, Tomb Raider, and dozens of other hits. This game just made based on the game "Mini Ninjas", which was released on all platforms in 2009.


It combines the popular genres such as "runner" and "Platform". The main character will run automatically, and we in turn will manage the jump and attack. By default, we'll play for a little Ninja, but the game will be able to save his brother, Futo, Suzume and Kunoichi. The main character named Hiro.
Each character has unique abilities: little ninja can run on the walls, big break through his hammer stones and so on. To open them, knocking the sword cells.
The game has several gradations jumps depending on how much we will clamp button. Here it is necessary to jump over bonfires, rocks, thorns, and many other elements of the dams. With live opponents on the road can be finished with the attack.
Control of the game is very simple: the right side is responsible for the jump, and the left side is a button attack. If we get enough bonuses for super hit, it activates a button that appears in the center.

Features Mini Ninjas for Android:

  • Colorful 3D-graphics with excellent animation;
  • Great soundtrack;
  • Easy and intuitive;
  • Lots of interesting locations;
  • A variety of enemies;
  • 4 unique characters with their own abilities;
  • Various mini-goal.
As you may have guessed, after we fall down or fail Vrezh in stone, the game will have to start all over again. In this respect, the game is no different than any runner, like Temple Run 2 .
The disadvantages include the inflated game difficulty, in some situations it is simply impossible to evade the enemy. Most likely, this error can be corrected, as the levels in the game are generated automatically.
Summary. Mini Ninjas - it's a great mix of arcade and a platform for Android, which lovers these genres and those who can not tolerate violence in games. Here it close and not just butterflies and flowers, peace and goodness.
You can try out the game for free, but only for a few minutes, then you will be asked to buy it for a modest price of $ 1. Demo version ends almost immediately, and it's even a bit annoying - did play a little bit more. Just because of this game so many negative reviews, blame poor decision with a very short demo.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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