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Review Socialcam

Jay Feldman
Simple interface
Borderline spam, portrait only
Socialcam for Android is a video sharing and browsing app; post your latest viral video or special moment, share it with friends and post comments.
Socialcam is basically like YouTube but with a billion less users. So what does this app have over YouTube? Well, it integrates the ability to shoot video directly within the app, which can then be uploaded in the background while you continue to browse more videos. The background uploads are a cool idea, but is anyone really wasting that much precious time uploading their videos? These aren’t the 56k modem days; uploads happen pretty quick. But ok, the app does feature unlimited video lengths, so if you’re uploading an entire wedding or your latest Hollywood blockbuster, then sure, it might be convenient. But who would watch it? There’s no such thing as a 60 minute viral video, and the bulk of what’s being uploaded are just short clips. So it’s a handy feature, just not one that matters much.
A lot of the video thumbnails looked seedy and over-sexed. I know this is a big draw, but nothing I’m personally interested in. And the app borders on the line of spamming way too many alerts about new videos from people I’m not following and have no interest in.
Video loads are decent, with only the occasional buffering issue. The app’s layout is decent, but only works in portrait mode.
Socialcam is a decent video sharing app, but I’m hard pressed to see why anyone would use it over YouTube. Videos are likely cross-pollinated to YouTube anyway, so why not just go there to begin with? However, this is a decent video sharing app, and if you're hooked on sharing, this might be your bag.

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Usefulness 7/10
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Originality 6/10
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Not open my socialcam why
Abdul latif
Write a comment...Before i was a memberof socialcam family. But now why i cannot download this program.
Tariq Abdulla
hey there, what device are you trying to download with? What is the message on the play store, or on your device, that's preventing you downloading it?
we same tariq
Why i can't install socialcam?
Tariq Abdulla
what device do you have? Does it say 'incompatible' on the play store (free version link above)?
Why I can't download the socialcam app?
Tariq Abdulla
what device do you have? Does it say 'incompatible'?
I have downloaded but not open why
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